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 25 August 2016

If the files/chapters Children of YESTERDAY = today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... should not only be considered the presentation and beginning of the whole site/book, setting up the essential meaning of the whole, they are also followed and consolidated by the files/chapters evidencing the Author's personal knowledge by showing - even in a not English file/chapter - preliminary excerpts of the message and the sources of her teaching references. Moreover to support them has to be utterly keep in view a main purpose: to straight emphasize the "fourth dimension" of human life, moving from childhood and its obliged passages of development to their everlasting presence into memory - either conscious and meaningful or "removed": unconscious and often damaging.
These concepts however are forcefully dynamic and then these topics must ever precisely and timely be enabled by continual basic adds and conceptual revision. Therefore it is not adequate to read them on a static book: the real relevance of such lively - not theoretic - subjects has to be reached and considered often confronting the Web site, moreover on its ever up-dated files Consciousness and memory, Anamnesis? A way for healing.... But the "fourth dimension" of the time has not to prevail on the other three ones of space and its properties: at any time they are to be compared together and secured on a wholeness. Just the far-reaching SUBLIMATIONS: VISUAL SCHEMES AND SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION file/chapter is done to complete the above quoted parts, but it introduce also a more general learning since syntetizing the main concepts of this whole work in not usual but impressive terms; but should consolidate as well the message coming from Anamnesis? A way for healing... and from Consciousness and memory.: the interactions between corporeal occurrences and their inter-action - into and from - external world, which can be defined the background of the PSYCHOSOMATIC science. Besides whilst to read a book is easier than reading long files on-line: when the English pages of this site are PUBLISHED, PRINTED and SOLD as a NORMAL BOOK -  as already happened for the Italian book from this site Bambini di ieri = adulti di oggi. Adulti di oggi -> adulti di domani - after the book published some data have changed needing to become a second English book arising from the up-dated pages. But just after book published, further considerations suggested to better and more precisely complete the personal sources of knowledge: so the files My guides... my roots and Opinion, fact, complaint are so much amplified to occasion a latest, revised book to support these changes, dedicated to explanatory data rather than to detailed descriptions.

THRIVINGANDHOME: what means? ...: thriving and home... thriving and home

Children of YESTERDAY = Today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW...

Service Main Entry: thrive
Network Pronunciation: 'thrIv
Function: intransitive verb Options Inflected Form(s): throve /'thrOv/; or thrived; 
Language Zone thriváen /'thri-v&n/; also thrived; thriváing "thrive"
/'thrI-vi[ng]/ at The Lighter Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse thrIfask,
Side probably reflexive of thrIfa to grasp Date: 13th century
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1 : to grow vigorously : FLOURISH
2 : to gain in wealth or possessions : PROSPER
3 : to progress toward or REALIZE A GOAL:
Crossword - thriváer /'thrI-v&r/ noun
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Visual Thesaurusasking for the words: thrive or thriving

ripe adjective \ˈrīp\  rip·errip·est
Definition of RIPE
1:  fully grown and developed : mature <ripe fruit> <ripe wheat>
2:  having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment
3:  of advanced years : late <a ripe old age>
4a :  suitable, appropriate <the time was ripe for the attempt>

(Italian translation:
ripeness = compiutezza,  ripeness = idoneità, ripeness = maturità,  ripeness = perfezione

The English term home is almost an international one meaning living space, domestic household. But the less common term thriving, which means "prospering" or better: to progress toward or realize a goal, refers to the best of the pathway to gain an optimal ripeness. In order to give a broader insight into important scientific points of view relating to human evolution, this Web site's and book's first aim is to present two previously published personal books DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work and Childhood: times of mutability together with another book, reprinted in Italian translation: Emmi Pikler Per una crescita libera / On behalf of freely growing up. (The German edition still available is: Lasst mir Zeit; for a French bibliography go to: Silapedagogie: Emmi Pikler).
All of these books refer to concepts like childhood's times, growing up, household and chores, but it is evidenced - moreover: hinted at compellingly - how  every subsequent outcome of one personal development can have power for all time and, furthermore, how every personal outcome could comply with (or damage) the lives and development of other people.
Otherwise without any doubt, the rythmed series of terms YESTERDAY- today - today -TOMORROW Italian Synonyms and Contraries Dictionary by Niccolò Tommaseo, where on can find - with many and impressing explanations - the world to develop only as contrary of to embroil. It is a difficult rendering, but it can be paraphrased with these quotes:

To coil/embroil, to involve: is it the contrary of to develop? At a good side: only wrapped buds can thrive; but also to UNCOIL embroiled matters can assist development once restored past.
On the contrary - at a bad side - involved conveys to mislead /embroil meaning also FRAUD.

Any way by these quotes, subheading the basic file/chapter Anamnesis: a way for healing..., it is almost possible to abridge the whole meanings (plural) of this whole work. The presented books, as well as the files of this site related to them, could be assumed to be in the field of - if one can call it so - "childish-ness" and  "family-ness": subjects which could be considered to mean unimportant, little, retiring matters, and - or else - feminine. Unimportant, little, retiring, merely feminine?... Instead, children, home-life and house-work are at the very basic ROOTS of mankind, and so the studies regarding them become the principle way to plan a deep, real knowledge on the entire wisdom of humanity. Unimportant, little, retiring, merely feminine? On the contrary - since, and according to the fact that the child is the father of the man (as stated by Maria Montessori) - the whole true sense of these books, of this site itself and - more - of this whole work-in-progress is to point out loud and clear the preference for a solid study which has to go on from BEGINNINGS (plural), by the very seeds, by the natural, typical, BASIC origin. Consequently these studies must also be themselves in continuing progress, under constant remodeling for a - hoped - fruitful evolution. Hence: a prospering development must tend to a true, sturdy ripeness: a term, and a concept about, which appears perfectly depicted in the heading of the web site with the famous Shakespearean sentence: as well the insistence on terms pertaining to GOING FORWARD, invites to attend on the DYNAMIC turning of the times of generation; while, furthermore, the quote Adults of today -> adults of TOMORROW warns on causes and consequences, and then responsibilities, if not eventually guilt (and their retaliations). The subhead of a main Italian file, very important chapter of the Italian book, endorses an Italian pun - to embroil = the contrary of  to develop - pointing towards the classic ripeness is all (King Lear, V Act, II scene).

Childhood: times of mutability? Why times plural? What sets out these mutable changes?
This title lays emphasis on highlighting a reasoning which follows strictly the idea of differentiated ways, a compelling assertion that every evolutive advance succeeds through apparently unconnected ways, though instead each joined to the other into a precise calendar: this must not interfered with in order to avoid the outcome of an handicapped or sick true ripeness.
In order to reject any doubts about this, one can read everywhere into the site - and also see by means of the range of pictures - that it is impossible to really join this aim other than through complicated PLURAL processes, along with the continuing of multiple and differentiated turning points: respectively called by Erikson developmental stages, or by Freud with the most famous term complexes. These are just directly shown in the titles of many chapters of the books Childhood: times of mutability and DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomy and psychology of a TRUE work.  
It is to point out that the Freudian term complex arises from complicated, etymologically related to collected or coiled in folds; besides it is even more to point out that development, in the famous Italian Tommaseo's Dizionario dei Sinonimi e Contrari is only encountered by looking up its opposite: embroil. Any way - as quoted above and below - this etymology opens two ways: at a good side on which only coiled, wrapped buds can thrive; and also how to uncoil embroiled matters can assist development once restored past; but at a bad side where, as synonym of to involve, step by step to embroil goes to mislead which can allude also to FRAUD.
Wrapped buds can thrive? To carry with the remnants of the unfinished task?
In fact wrapped buds are delicate and at the mercy of the environment: so it is to mind at these Erikson's crucial words:
if an infant's physical and emotional needs are met sufficiently, the infant completes his/her task developing the ability to trust others. However, a person who is stymied in an attempt at task mastery may go on to the next state but carries with him or her the remnants of the unfinished task.

Look, this "severe advice" declared by this very young girl's with a not smiling expression: With her hands and face she - FOUR DAYS old! -seems to assert:

neonata di quattro giorni

Do you try to embroil?


Settling foundations...

It is however necessary to be precise right from the beginning, in order to introduce wherever possible the basic concepts underlying  ALL this site in its role as SPOKESPERSON for our activities.  It is certainly understandable, subjectively, that the substantial variety of graphics (also present in the books) and the insistent, continuing showing of underlined words indicating links may appear incoherent and distracting if not almost oppressive; but this layout both of the on-line texts and the corresponding printed versions is NOT of informative literary essays, least of all – as already in the heading “science fiction” and not even – and this is vigorously emphasised – an a-critical coverage of the usual unreported or unusual news.

In fact in more evident fashion than is normally cited, the variety of graphics within the text visibly differentiate the paragraphs “elsewhere” to which must be attributed the full responsibility of that which is affirmed.
The “normal” bibliographies at the foot of the text indicate the sources to which the author has presumably referred, but this procedure does not correspond to our intentions. Not only do we not wish to have long lists of STATISTICS at the end of articles but we WANT each reader to have an immediate realisation of the REALITY of that which is affirmed – which only the immediacy of the net can grant. These graphics and links therefore constitute a very much DESIRED and different STYLE of BIBLIOGRAPHY. For the choice of terms and phrases and images to complete them  we agree the supply of an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that allows to discover the connections between words in a display which worksin a fluid and dynamic way like people brain unlike a paper-bound book.
To summarize: the whole of this site outlines a long personal research and hard work profiting from the offer of telematics help, which, better than printed papers, offers not only a broad sharing of easily available data, but a nimble exchange of checks, discussions, even debates, partaking in, and deepening. In reality these studies are mostly interested in the fundamental ( fundamental in its real meaning which settles the foundations, and not only as a turn of phrase) and life-referring subject of personal HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, but also it would be wise to cut short with descriptions of the individual turned away from his environment. In fact so likewise, one must never forget that this environment is not unique but scattered in a paramount of pluralities and one must accept always that all of these pluralities are also under constant modification. Therefore with a wish to widen more open horizons, this site is continually brought up to date, and - as here - the Italian pages have some quotes and full files translated in English, with the aim to reach more differentiated information and checks, and to share with an increasingly wider and various audience.
Notwithstanding - as happens for the Italian book already published - since a Web site thanks to the typical dynamism of the Net can continue to up-date every subject, quotation, reference and even picture: then a “static� book form - any way more easy to be read for summarize and condense ideas - can only follow its topics by late anticipation on new possible edition. The site and the related book contains many files/chapters connected together with many combined links in order to better relate together complementary topics. But if the material in a conventional book must follow a linear logical structure of precise "chapters" on the contrary a Web site following other rules allows more possibilities. Every Web page can be read by itself as a magazine "article", or better as Encyclopedic lemma: coming directly from it, the derived chapters of this common book, can better mirror the site and its so numerous references indirectly displaying every inner connection, or cross-reference by sending on the on-line site the UNDERLINED words enabling to easy find the linked suggestion. Encyclopedic lemma? No matter then if often many whole paragraphs are set - more or less identical - in many chapters as they belong to many files. In the site there are full chapters of another Italian book regarding Childhood; there are Italian and English links directing towards external pages and significant Authors; in both languages there is a file on the foremost subject of Consciousness and memory which explains also opportunities to undergo and/or recover from rotten or damaged ways of personal evolution, and also how one can or not repair these bad consequences. The last basic chapter of the Italian book regarding DOMESTIC CHORES: just the chapter whose title so strongly points out towards the future - Children of YESTERDAY = Today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW - gives too the title of the web site. Any way it is not copied here as an inner file: Italian readers can - and are invited - to read it in the book, English ones... must wait - or better: are welcomed - for a translation.
However DEVELOPMENT and related subjects does not only regard personal lives and growths: as books, publications and Web sites also every kind of "facts" have their evolutions and evolutionary phases. And so, on the model of developments of housework(s), all other activities, works and jobs can have portrayals of their arousing keys: on regard of concrete works it is to say that house work(s) are WORK BASICS of every kind of adult's task since on the domestic chores one could find the very basical subjective foundations of many works, jobs, crafts, toils and even business: and all this in different manners according to all persons' customs or all life-style's program. Moreover not only persons and their evolutions are different, but also people and their behavior and remodels: from the NORMAL development stages and complexes all possible human skills and activities "open" themselves (the technical, Freudian term is to sublime) towards evolutions which can either be far-reaching and beneficial or, if blocked, coerced into blind alleys to even become destructive.

Domestic Chores: a TRUE work?

Ergonomics is the science which studies the better ways and tools (psychology and research included) to accomplish "work". Since in domestic chores one can find the almost pure basis of the normal proceedings for giving the right rhythm to a normal childhood, so one can describe them as representative prototypes, as general paradigms of every other work, job or profession. But the organization of household is also (in Italy: officially acknowledged) a particular and in itself a real employment and business, a factual socio-economic establishment, which, like every concern, has a productive aim: the products of the household are - or must be - to conserve REST and to grant AID for the whole family, but one must also consider its forthcoming products, that is to say children, that is to say the next generation. Warns Adults of today -> adults of TOMORROW about causes and consequences? and then responsibilities? if not eventually guilt and its forthcoming retaliations? Symmetrically the above quotes mean that the qualities and faults of the future women/men's risk to mirror the qualities and faults of the home where they have been brought up, or in other words: one can maintain that every personal and further generational evolution takes advantage of, or may be damaged by the best or by the malfunctioning past evolution of the "concern leader", of the adults by whom and with whom everyone's growing up happened, as shown clearly in the web site's (and Italian book's) title:

Children of YESTERDAY= Today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW
Mostly here should furthermore be added the reccomendation that this work - Web site and related books - has to be used as an Encyclopedia - not as a novel-like script to be read continously. This file/chapter, the following one and the file/chapter dedicated to links have into some almost alike quotes and pictures, but on different contextes. At the matter of fact they don't regard exactly the same proposals: this Introduction displays books and their sources, My guides... my roots... shows personal data and knowledge, whilst links offers outward suggestion to readers. 

Guides and Teachers

And here I summarize what in the Italian file Presentazione is explained more widely, what is outlined on Anamnesis: a way for healing..., but nonetheless I list also here my GUIDES and put links to their references. I had no personal teacher(s), I do not follow any school or circle or train. As guides to be reported I have chosen those, whose indirect teachings were (and still are) my main cultural basis, mostly those whose work gave rise to till present and active Organizations: with and for some of them I personally worked. But one can learn and take advantage also by different methods if not taking part on controversies; or rather to better open and lighten knowledge and then forthcoming views and related plans it is furthermore to consider the opposite side of thinking and acting: then it should not be so strange to find in the file/chapter guides... my roots... also members of the contrary side.
In the body of many files/chapters there are also linked various Authors (even great scientists: such as Claude Bernard and Freud, and artists as A. de Saint Exupéry, Gianni Rodari, Aldous Huxley, Francisco Goya or even ... Shakespeare and Dante), as well as to International Organizations - AMI (Association Montessori International), International Council for Children's Play. I invite you to open these links for to know their references when in English, but all are also invited to try to translate the Italian quotes about Giornale dei Genitori, Ada Gobetti, Centro Nascita Montessori of Rome and so on. (Nevertheless most of these references can also be found in English in the files/chapters My guides... my roots..., Consciousness and memory on which one can also find many references and links on the literally fundamental matter of human consciousness and possibilities of memory from birth and even from pre-birth.
The A recurring nightmare file - sorry: for the time being only in Italian - holds however an inner link referencing Ronald Laing's books. And obviously I invite you to learn more about Emmi Pikler, her writings and her Organization: her book - On behalf of a free growing up = Lasst mir Zeit - is the third one presented in this Web page as its Italian translated book.

But another Author - Erik H. Erikson - was my first teacher, an Author who I never  knew directly - not even in passing during Conferences - but whose ideas I studied making the most of them already before the translation in Italian of his books. He - rightly nicknamed identity architect - so well specified the key categorization of the basic "steps", which Nature puts as milestones during every real development, so nimbly and accurately laid the basic, sturdy conceptual ground of these occurrences that he became the main Author who validated my personal and previously less well defined one. To my mind he is the Author whose writings are at the background of every study concerning human people, as well as the validator of some of my own writings, past and present, just as this Web site is.
An important note: please don't confuse Erik Erikson with his almost namesake Milton Erickson: they are relatively colleagues, but working in almost quite opposite side of the methodology and practice.

In the Italian version of this file/chapter - Presentazione - there are many quotes to more explicit how an Italian inner file/chapter of the site - Dalla famiglia preistorica alla famiglia utopistica [From the prehistoric family to the utopian one] also chapter of the book Infanzia - was previously written as an article published in a magazine called Giornale dei genitori [= Parents' magazine], where I wrote regularly for more than ten years till 1960 as columnist about Smallest babies' problems.
I wrote also as columnist for the Montessori Organization's magazine Vita dell'infanzia [= Children's life], But previously I worked until my degree in 1957 for the Birth Psychoprophilaxis, taking part - by myself alone or with the Centro Nascita Montessori of Rome - in some Congresses, as in Nice 1987 where I presented the recurring nightmare and the related original documentation. Also by myself or with the Montessori Organization I took part in the International Council for Children's Play with writings, Conferences etc.
And last but not least: the last link stresses in a wide bibliography regarding children games, but on the body of the file Consciousness and memory - as already written above - one can reach another wide list: a particular list of scientific Organization and Conferences dedicated to consciousness and memorization of one's own birth - or even one's own pre-natal experiences.
But here not only do I specify but I emphasize again and again that I wish to partake my learnings not only as depicted by stressed episodic, by "scenic" descriptions, but instead trying through them to give the perception of the progressive generational flow of becoming: the children who I describe were and are mostlt those who I knew in their NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, during their normal way of life, known during their progressive developing and changing: either personal or generational.

Direct Experience

As the matter of fact here I have to specify that my knowledge of Smallest babies' problems, and birth experiences comes not only from readings or Congressual Relations and Communications: but most of it came directly FROM SMALLEST BABIES/FROM NEWBORNS themselves, they were (and are) MY FOREMOST GUIDES: my worthwhile teachers were really them: the little children.
My Guides and Teachers were my contemporary when children and the littler ones of my generation, were the contemporaries of my children..., and so, now, I can update my knowledge from my grand-children and their littler friends and from all "new" children who I meet and get to know....; And for the time being I can also update my knowledge of generations from all whom at present have become parents and grand-parents, by the progression from children of yesterday, or rather from "children of the day before yesterday" to children and grand-children of many of them.

looking at future
past playground in Valentino Park
short noisy creatures

My "teachers" were and are children observed in playground, or any way during their FREE plays, even if in a wide variation of sets and milieus; even in the particular if not terrible circumstances which were in Europe during World War II for my generation.
Nevertheless really I also knew some of these childhoods also indirectly, not as witness, not personally but by written descriptions of their everyday life, of their everyday ways of living in spite of specially anomalous situations: from the large amount of Diaries written by all sort of people (see as a paradigm: Anna Frank's Diary and the comments of it), and by every other Memories more advantageously quoted on My guides... my roots....

On ending this wording I must highlight and affirm how much I promoted my education from teachings given also by ANIMALS, how much I amended many wrong concepts learnt from books, receiving instead the solid awareness acquired by observation, by Ethology as science provided that it should not be the experimental Ethology, by direct, rigorous, scientific observation only of "normal" lives and spontaneous behaviors. I repeat and confirm: very often I received a severe and irrefutable censure regarding previous studies by what I learnt directly from "real" and "normal" children - the child is not an inert being, not able to get relationships with his surrounding world as believed previously - as written by Emmi Pikler and also I gained in a very profitable way from observation of the "normal" animals' life. Only with these strong helpers could I correct some totally fallacious and/or restricted ideas: a thoughtful attention of the Natural deeds could have amended theories issued only from hypotetical "chatters", published and teaching researches regarding the "pathological" way of life and of growing upas an ideal pattern in every situation.

 a dignified old gentlemanElena Morea's boxer puppies

An Old Gentleman and a warm nursery
augellin belverdenel bosco...
a very little singer near "giant" books and a "smiling creature" into an enchanted wilderness

buon riposo... a lui e leibuon appetito... a lei e lui.
have together a good snap and a good breckfast!

Dory vecchiaDory giovane
two phases of a long life of a dominant she-dog: old and stubborn, jung and bold

I EXIST FEELINGun dubbio...
a starting I exist feeling and - next - an "existential" doubt

a defiant little swan?
tenerezze filiali

a little "rebel" swan... and a daughter tenderness


My professional task as a doctor is to care adults, and adults suffering from various degrees of awkwardness: nevertheless my main professional aim is to always help every one TO RESTORE as much as possible of his/her childhood, previously crippled if not almost lost, and TO REBUILD  for every one his/her true ripeness, in order to reach one self's original integrity, not only knowledge and awareness, but even wisdom. Through this long way, through this road to resilience one can not only overcome vicissitudes and trauma: when through these - often very painful - emotional transformation one can travel over again recovering lost childhood phases, it is truly a hard, but a further on mighty developing travel. (For to have more insight look at files/chapters: Consciousness and memory and Anamnesis:a way for healing...)

Merriam Webster on line:
Main Entry: ré·silé·ience noun Pronunciation: ri-'zil-y&n(t)s Function: 
  • 1 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress 
  • 2 : an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.
A brief essential semantic note is to be recommended - and so here highlighted into a dedicated box - when using terms development and evolution: a suggestion so much substantial to need being shared not only in this file/chapter but also - exactly quoted - in other ones.
Evolution means something more broad in term on space and time than development: only entities, already present and still "involved" as buds, can develop, while after every moment the ambiance's stimuli can modify and also enhance every life towards - even unexpected and ploral - evolutions.
If every moment living beings have to act for maintain the internal homeostasis, nevertheless "well built", "well developed" sturdy organisms and minds can not only "accept" but also make the best on integrating themselves with the new situations: they can not only "learn by experience" since even transform every occurrence in  great creative forces which can promote - one could almost say GENERATE - evolution in new and totally unexpected directions. See according with also the concept of resilience and related bibliography.

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress... Developing resilience is a personal journey. People do not all react the same to traumatic and stressful life events. Being resilient does not mean that a person doesn't experience difficulty or distress. Emotional pain and sadness are common in people who have suffered major adversity or trauma in their lives. In fact, the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.
However, many people experience positive transformations in their life as a result of their struggle with trauma or major adversity. This growth is known as post traumatic growth [Post traumatic Growth: Positive Changes in the Aftermath of Crisis (Personality & Clinical Psychology by Richard G.Tedeschi, Crystal L. Park, Lawrence G. Calhoun] and occurs along with the setbacks that may happen as someone adapts to a highly stressful situation. Post traumatic growth goes beyond resilience and involves not only the ability to bounce back, but also to grow further. [Trauma and Transformation: Growing in the Aftermath of Suffering by Richard G. Tedeschi, Lawrence G. Calhoun ]

But it is worthwhile to say that I also LEARNT very much from "patients", from their heterogeneous no matter how traumatized "childhoods". From these new varied information I quickly had to modify and widen my views and knowledge: or better still from them I understood very much more on regard of what concerns the widespread and very differentiated world by which we are surrounded.
Certainly I had to definitely recognize its endless possibilities for evolution but also for destruction. For this last reason I felt necessary not only to amend my personal knowledge but really to try fighting off such actual destructive forces, since my worried observation are revealing that this cultural trend becomes even worse. To summarize if it is to reprove - and even fear - "pathological" sharing given as standard "theories" (!) (the contrary of authentic science), unfortunately this is only the beginning: such trend broadly succeeds since cunningly suggested by so calling Expert Gurus who intimidate a large crowd of supporters: worshipped by devotees ready to swear on their "ipse dixit". From them can arise a very real danger (take a look again on Delgado & Skinner, Totem and Taboo, Consciousnes and memory, to another site and to related links).
In other words: fake-science fosters fake, even mindless "fashions" passed off as unquestionable, even if transient, "theories". Lay people becomes intimidated supporter; but a lot of worshippers - maybe in good faith - are ready to put into practice narrow "findings" praised as assured theories no matter for giving rise to whichever consequence. But "gurus", supporters, worshippers, pupils ("chiefs" and "cadets"), scholars and students... become a malignant source of a leading Power (with "P" capital!): a very serious menace since these errors at the very least damage and chronicize instead of heal.
Medical field, illnesses and their - more or less - appropriate therapies:
There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each scientific field. In this framework, a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller; when there is a greater number and lesser preselection of tested relationships; where there is greater flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes; when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a scientific field in chase of statistical significance. Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias. (Citation:Why Most Published Research Findings Are False. PLoS Med 2(8): e124) Ioannidis JPA (2005)
But at any time - and this is much worse - with evil believing they can theorize persuasively in the very field of what on the contrary is to think as the more healthy and hopeful time of happy normality. Every preconceived idea validates or confirms itself in self ingrained circles either good or more often vicious. And then these definitions - fake hintings at a global improvement, as well  warnings of the threat of damages - must refer only homogeneous, self-restricting groups, described in a similar banalizing and undemonstrative way: and so the result is ever the bringing up - "pathologic" - children in a "pathologic" way.

To have some momentous examples of harmful deeds:
TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new

Take a look, too, at Etiology & treatment of childhood which is an amusing pamphlet mocking with fake-scientific quotes.
A real warning: there are indeed scientists who not only declare such harsh convictions, but who try to transpose them towards - harsher - aims  (see Delgado e Skinner and the interview with him: Psychocivilization and its discontents)
If possible read also the Italian file matching the English one Totem and Taboo:
IMBROGLIO E' IL CONTRARIO DI SVILUPPO. Da: 'La violenza contro il bambino' a 'Tempo di mutamenti' e 'La meglio gioventù (To embroil is the contrary of to develop. From the Violence against childhood towards Time of mutability and Best young people )

Partly in English by inner quotations is: Basta un poco di zucchero e la pillola va già...
To be taken into account by English readers Ritalin and ADHD: a spoonful of sugar... excerpted from confront with the whole text: Metilfenidato e Sindrome da Deficit di Attenzione e Iperattività (ADHD)

Look also at the file partly in English from another Web site/book: Malattie rare in offerta speciale
ANAMNESIS: A WAY FOR HEALING... is very important as content, but also the quotations on the title utself are to be considered as endorsing a significant part for presenting our aims. To embroil/coil reflects to involve: is it the contrary of to develop?
Sensible EXPERIENCE?  how instead harmful can be feelings remaining inside to rot, deep rooted without a voice! -
Answers to come? controversies? A method of work?
Opinion, fact, complaint

STUPRI DI GUERRA: i figli dell'odio

Read also the Amazon's Author presentation
Anna Abbiate Fubini-Biography&Bibliography

Sorry only in Italian, the above PDF files/chapters should be read and also downloaded: any way only if following the normal terms of Copyright


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