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March 13 2017

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After the dedicated file/chapter, factually prefacing the English pages, the file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... should be considered a keen introduction to and beginning of the whole site: or better it sets up the essential meaning of the whole work - personal researches, site and books. Any way this meaning can be furthermore proved on the files/chapters more in depth evidencing Author's personal Introduction, completed by ... my guides... my roots..., which more widely consolidates teaching references, and by this one to reinforce the whole message explaining the applied method to face comments and controversies. But just after book published, further considerations suggested to better and more precisely complete these crucial files: so much amplified to occasion a latest - strengthen and more accurate - edition to support the previous one. The launching file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... needs notwithstanding to be followed by topics more in depth evidencing the Author's personal introductory data, also on their continual development: so by files/chapters renewed with improved notices and also with tha results of better settled discussions.

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The aim of this page does to make known the most of what came on our awareness, but it points to a basic focusing on WHO should be the involved people.
  • who being better informed - as victim or witness - can give more and deeper data and can correct our ingenuousu misunderstandings
  • who - already aware of these deeds - can take part on researches watching for new references and acting to broadly share the matter
  • who becomes aware of this for the first time but is willing to know more
  • who doesn't decline but admits to prefer not to be involved
  • who openly affirms to be too much moved and better agree other topics
  • who too much occupied on other fields, could seem as indifferent but not on purpose
  • This people is in sum up almost easy and rewarding, but how more hard and perplexing is to be involved in troublesome situations regarding dissenting people! Even less difficult with true "enemies" than with
    • who doesn't declare a lack of interest, but in a belittling if not mocking way
    • who - on the contrary - states and broadly shares nonsensical "opinions" and abstruse dogmatic "ideologies"
    • who generalizes vague statements based on a personal narrow experience
    • who as real "victim" of a precise mishap makes him/herself as the unique, absolute "spokesperson" of every kind of sufferers, as champion fighting against a believed "Absolute Evil"
    • who - on the other side - thinks that some not usual deeds, even current occurrences are only a variety of fairy tales or of science fiction movies
    • who - perhaps the WORSE - commits even the worse abuses as living beings were toys or characters of a laughing tale: not for wickedness, not for bad purposes whilst for "curiosity and stupidity", for dull indifference. 
    Too surely convinced suspicions, strict persecutory belief, blatant victimization: are they a protection or rather mainstream ways to be duped?
    Skepticism? Disbelief?
     Are they "science" or facets of another SUPERSTITION?

    Sleeping reason breeds monsters and monsters? Then it is compelling to WATCH, to WATCH. to WATCH. Ever should be rejected not documented mere asserptions, even together with not enough probed oneself's own feelings. DOUBTS sustaining to MIND and WIDE RANGE AWARENESS must be ever foremost GUIDES.
    Cuando los hombres no oyen el grito de la razón, todo se vuelven visiones...
    but the "alchemic" lynx shouldn't be considered as a sleeper's dreaming "vision": Goya warns us to be on the look-out like the lynx, whose excellent sight sees through the darkness, for when asleep we cannot defend ourselves...

    to be on the look-out like the lynx, whose excellent sight sees through the darkness

    Fantasy DISOWNED by reason breeds impossible monsters?
    When instead together they mother Arts and source of their portents!

    Discursos  de verdades descubridoras de abusos, vicios y engaños en todos los oficos y estados del mundo: this quote comes  from the full autographical title in this preparatory drawing.
    43. En la parte anterior de una mesa situada a la izquierda del grabado se lee el titulo del capricho.
    A. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos y unida con ella es madre de las artes.
    P. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos imposibles; unida con ella es madre de las artes y origen de las maravillas.
    BN. Portada para esta obra: cuando los hombres no oyen el grito de la razón, todo se vuelven visiones.

    43. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.
    Who and how gets fantasy to be DISOWNED by reason?
    How and when to watch and to protect?

    Caprichos 43

    Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je defendrai jusqu'à la mort votre droit à le dire

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    Ch.7: Helvetius: The Contradiction, p.199; because of quote marks around the original publication of these words, they are often attributed to Voltaire, though Hall was not actually quoting him but summarizing his attitude with the expression. The statement was widely popularized when misattributed to Voltaire as a Quotable Quote in Reader's Digest (June 1934), but in response to the misattribution, Hall had been quoted in Saturday Review (11 May 1935), p. 13, as stating: I did not mean to imply that Voltaire used these words verbatim and should be surprised if they are found in any of his works. They are rather a paraphrase of Voltaire's words in the Essay on Tolerance

     Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.

    The phrase was invented by this later author as an epitome of his attitude. It comes from The Friends of Voltaire, written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall and published in 1906 under the pseudonym Stephen G. Tallentyre. Hall said that she paraphrased Voltaire's words in his Treatise on Toleration, which includes such thoughts as:

    Not only is it extremely cruel to persecute in this brief life those who do not think the way we do, but I do not know if it might be too presumptuous to declare their eternal damnation.

    General foreword: statement of meaning

    All sites and publications, quotations from persons and Institutions and publications are endorsed coming from direct advices as well as from alert surveys. But on working on a so tangled field every assunption has to be continually revised: to be better informed any way each suggestion must be thanked even if faced WITH RESERVATION. As site the book does NOT be a fount of notices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning: to secure this informing aim, the Web site will always be maintained under speedy and diligently revised re-construction, also and perhaps mostly helped by directly received suggestion and/or readers' criticism. Really time by time people had to lament hindrances on looking through, not only asking to be better orientated. A compelling remark: the site is continually up-graded by novelties that the book can't follow: the readers of the book should check almost often the site at least controlling the dedicated file Novelties on the site. Any way the aims of this site and the books deriving from it are NOT to supply facts purely for the sake of curiosity, but to AGITATE against the more evil and sinister workings of human cruelty: within the site and books lie therefore not only “theory” but “FACTS” and as such conflict is not only theoretical. The true “facts” and the information collected are not immutable “symbols” but are in a constant state of flux: successive sites and books must therefore act as reflective witnesses to this ever-changing information.
    As a consequence often – and COINCIDING with events taking place in concrete facts, site and individual files are mishandled if not cancelled: the present file has been damaged more than once as can be seen by the presence of more “frames” and in a more serious way recently. Consolidated by the files/chapters evidencing the Author's personal knowledge by showing preliminary excerpts of the message and the sources of scientific teaching references, the essential meaning of this work, its main purposes are to straight emphasize the "fourth dimension" of human life, moving from childhood< and its obliged passages of development to their everlasting presence into memory either conscious and meaningful or "removed": unconscious and often damaging, These concepts however are forcefully dynamic and then these topics must ever precisely and timely be enabled by continual basic adds and conceptual revision. Therefore it is not adequate to read them only on a static book: the real relevance of such lively - not theoretic - subjects has to be reached and considered often confronting the book with the Web site continually in touch with many sources of information, and so alike continually up-dated. Time by time everyone can find the searched subject or reach the more cogent subjective problems on picking the term in the main Search Engines or on going in the site itself to open its huge lot of links; but on reverse every one can - and this is well agreed -  suggest other arguments and/or present unresolved problems.
    Talking on regard of such matters, an interlocutor gave us a good opportunity to undermine a possible operational - and then seriously misleading - misunderstanding. On reading emotively the texts on the files/chapters Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo, Delgado & Skinner, Totem and Taboo revisited: awful and fertile rise of new superstitions etc. he believed that a precise evil will and purposes are acting whensover to damage the normal children's development and rearing. But UNFORTUNATELY - I repeat: unfortunately - the widespread share of faulty ways to rear children doesn't pertain ever and by itself to a deliberate active program: unfortunately since a wicked demeanor could be struggled on a parallel, adverse open fight. The worldwide parental behavior mirrors instead a NORMAL Gauss curve: at which extremes are - here - the "very good" ones with their good Masters and - there - the wicked ones triggered by evil Masters as Delgado and his cronies. But so actually in the large middle of the curve there is a bulk of passive lay-people: selfish, idle, superstitious, adults not really grown, bad lived infancies, people lacking or removing founding experiences. To summarize: lacking of INTEGRITY and then - in the proper meaning of the term - castrated of parental instinct.
    Any way it is not
    Science Fiction nor Urban Legend hoaxes what a lot of written references explains on regard of method to adopt and crimes to comply for "using" families to be a wicked ground for improving Secret Societies and fostering new and new accomplices. But if these quotations regard only referred texts, the main content of them is widely confirmed also by some sure FIRST HAND supported testimonies and documents,
    Joseph P. Orwell lI libro dei senza paura

    Tyrants don't devour you: they devour your FEAR....
    lI libro dei senza paura - the book for fearless little people - by Joseph P. Orwell
    Giunti (gruppo editoriale)

    believes to keep safe on building barricades: and then narrows spaces, knowledge, relationship and understanding... and widens on return new fearfulness and dependency.
    On return again and again it widens new fearfulness and more and more intrusive dependency: who is easily deceived or cheated: FOOL
    copyright Pucci Violi

    Warn: never the simplest solution is the best.

    All sites and publications, persons and Institutions are endorsed coming from direct advice as well as from alert surveys. But this is a tangled field to be continually revised: each suggestion must be thanked even if also faced often not only WITH RESERVATION, but when necessary openly and immediately DISPROVED. The awareness of information presented and endorsed, quoted sites and publications and names and Institutions come preferably from DIRECT EXPERIENCE and surveys, merely sometimes admitted from others suggestion. Besides on a so tangled field every data should be continually revised: every suggestion must be thanked even if also faced with CAUTION.
    Therefore in other words does again and again be stated that the aims of this endeavor are NOT to supply data purely for the sake of curiosity: within lies not only “theory” but “FACTS” and conflicting facts which sometimes become not only "theoretical" fights . So it is to be forever stated that this work does NOT be a mere fount of "second hand" advices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of
    different original subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning. We hope to can be enough cautious to select only sure ones: but we solicit everyone to send us every comment or - moreover - criticism. To secure this informing aim, the Web site will always be maintained under speedy and diligently revised re-construction, also and perhaps mostly helped by directly received suggestion and/or readers' criticism thanking also erroneous arguments which any way can stimulate to more competently deeming about. The main aim of our work and then of our site is THE MORE to hold and suggest the maximum possible of awareness also with not so common place references. The whole work's aim is primarily to share data and knowledge the most timely and largely: and this purpose is widely obtained by our largest submission of LINKS; but our sprofits by published scripts and articles: instead sets up the most on FIRST-HAND knowledge of facts as well by direct advice or at least to debate suggestion given by personal interlocutors. But "first hand" does not mean a simple definition: our basic aim is to work with precise PERSONS sincerely witnessing facts. It is again to say and assume thoroughly that at any case our care prefers to keep away from general questions for going instead on in PERSONAL behalf any way hoping to offer and consolidate this knowledge to the most possible wide extent of people. But a large share of similarities does not mean that this majority endorses the TRUTH. To recognize the reality of stabilized biological rules on the psycho-social development not only on the morphological field does not flattened similarities into a bunch of carelessly assorted differences: how damaging confusion can mix-up similarities narrow sighted as equalities! We don't like and strongly reject subjective THEORIES usurping the value of precise OBSERVATIONS, as well every invite to simplify and coerce different deeds and different causes into an unified bunch, needlessly assuming very ancient and/or biased Authors quotations to reinforce a personal presumption:
    Occam's razor (sometimes spelled Ockham's razor) is a principle attributed to the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar , William of Ockham. The principle states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis  or theory. The principle is often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae ("law of parsimony" or "law of succinctness"): "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem", roughly translated as "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity". An alternative version "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" translates "plurality should not be posited without necessity".
    ... Karl Popper  argues that a preference for simple theories need not appeal to practical or aesthetic considerations

    Explanation and purpose

    Who do be "slaves"? What is the Slave morality?
    Irrational of "mass psychology" or more precisely: allowed sadism?
    What do I have in common with all this?
    Without any mystifying call to “eradicate their presumed irrationala doctor can communicate, exchange information and feelings to can promote a true “liberation” - of whom wishes it.
    What to partake with slaves? Furthermore as doctor the possibility to promote their deliverance.
    Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate?

    Childhood: times of mutability?

    But while this perspective accepts the assortment of so multifarious and in progress documentation, it does not accept to deny the reality of the variety of different contexts and cases - sometimes utterly disparate. Site and books are so composing an Encyclopedic miscellaneous entirety, not a smoothly fluent "esay-to-read" novel-like story: then this justifies the large amount of files/chapters, each one belonging and referring to a very different situations and a very diffeent way to document - see the "first hand" quotes into many files/chapters and the assortment of totally "foreign guests files/chapters" put on-line and printed into books. Every input of comments or of debates does be every time the most welcome to aid on focusing bettere and more incisively the attention even on forgotten details: but if we don't like "stars" nor "heroes", besides more strongly we reject THEORIES instead of OBSERVATIONS, as well every invite to simplify and coerce different deeds and different causes of them into an unified bunch, even if assuming very ancient and/or biased Authors quotations:
    Occam's razor states as principle that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis  or theory -entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, roughly translated as "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity".
    Popper  argues that a preference for simple theories need not appeal to practical or aesthetic considerations.
    But if as a rule this sentence sounds right, such a proposal should NOT be accepted when more or less unfair "opinions" are displayed, instead of DOCUMENTS and real DEEDS having their factual place. This file/chapter - as well the file of another site Opinion or accusation? - tries to explain the meaning to openly have shared this "lack of tolerance". In fact the knowledge of this whole site/book, but mostly of this file/chapter, has to be completed by the whole site/book - It's Abuse NOT Science fiction - where also a file Opinioni o peggio, accuse? / Opinion or accusation? is worthy to complete and precise the present Opinion, fact, complaint. Examples, quotations - and more... - are to be considered to better understand their real meaning; the different naming of URLs explains and settles and integrates the utter purpose of both files and sites/books: /controversy.htm alludes to content and occasion, /method.htm furthermore states also additional politic topics and establishes argumenting patterns of way to work.
    Therefore if this work doesn't be a static gather of documentation and description, it requests to develop its knowledge by other people's asks and doubts and testimony: so it can become an open windows on largest scenarios, in a continually in progress communication based more on observed changing sight of FACTS than on an interchange of WORDS. So this means to wish a serious and profitable support of sure, authenticated, scientifically probed shared knowledge, but it is necessary to add again an explanatory codicil here to highlight the fundamental principles which underlie the approach to this work, in order to avoid at the outset not criticism – which is welcomed! – but misunderstandings and ambiguities.
    Any way even  if these basics are founded on a philosophic upbringing, the background of this work pertains to and comes from a very factual field: its aim is less to explain, to propose, to point out but the more to act when possible to protect and to care, to build and rebuild: surely NOT to accuse. This not in the name of a something as a "charitable goodness": as much as for a real critical attention to consider PROPORTION at disposal of the means and their - presumed -  outcomes, of the presumed causes and the presumed consequences.
    This is also persistently and repeatedly brought to readers attention in every other file/chapter; it lends itself to being presented as typical of the main point of view, or better still the methodological approach on which this work is realized. Its primary aim is not to discuss presumed opinions in an ideological way, nor MUCH LESS to throw out at random hypothetical accusations: but rather to work in such a way that each assertion could be constituted as a document able to be corroborated and enhanced. Utterly only a document itself, which can clearly signal factual data could develop into information fruitful for further, better observations, as well for further doubts and for further searches. In this way it becomes an “open window” not to offer explanations but merely DESCRIPTIONS, documented and elucidated in an iconographic and incontrovertible way, since also confirmed by checkable - every time renewed - sources and authoritative even - or better: for preference - first hand data.

    Well-documented historical events resemble terrible facts of the present: for example that of the 15th century Gilles de Rais and the hundreds of children raped and killed by him alongside the troops he chose and supplied to Joan of Arc. But instead how easy it is to be CONTRO on the immdiate! How easy to focus on every single case in an exclusive and sensationalist manner, creating an almost fairy-tale villain of the presumed guilty! How many successive Bluebeards have there been, committing absolutely similar crimes, yet – and here they differ from Gilles de Rais e Dutroux - in full impunity? And on the contrary how many, maybe innocent, have been charged with witchcraft, put to death or, more currently been monsters making headline news in unredeemable ways? While how many other authentic monsters live and have lived – well and long – quiet and honoured lives?
    The risk is to sliding into a culture of resentment:
    Such logic leds to the creation of a culture of resentment, whose only solution was to do away with the "other".
    The fact is, the culture of resentment – pertaining to slave morality  - is extremely diffuse. It is in the air everywhere, without being theorised. It grows and feeds on itself by the forces of inertia – it has no need of advertising or publicity.

    As another "password" Sleeping reason breeding monsters accompanies many files in this site and the slightly modified world-famous Goya's table gives impact to the cover of the book It's Abuse NOT Science fiction, and as well another phrase what do I have in common with slaves, often cited in this site, stays at the base of the principal proposals of our research. But like to resolve a pronounced amnesia not only the unsaid should be unveiled but furthermore also bare words as themselves should be too often rejected: to know and discern how the false can hide underneath. Thus to be a victim is not an indubitable certificate of merit: to be or to have been a victim does not mean a personal characteristic of someone but merely that to this someone have happened or are happening damaging things. Unfortunately if to be or to have been “victims”  does not mean to be heroes, even more “unfortunately” to be “heroes” does not automatically indicate integrity: on the contrary victims and heroes are often categories in which “slaves” typically are placed, those who - however they are – confuse the internal with the external, who live and believe to live within a system that does not stem from themselves but comes from the other/others: a people not only seeking dependence, but approval, consideration, admiration, seduction, dogma, belonging to, guide, prescription, predominance till seeing all this thereafter to switch on offence and PERSECUTION.
    Munch: ritratto di Nietzsche

    With almost embarassment and fear of being taken as “negationists”, or as followers of Nietzsche or - very worse -  Spengler we have cited the above aphorism about the outpouring of polemic and argument directed also at victims as well at their true or false helpers or on good or bad faith defenders. It is instead our conviction that “slave morality” and “superman” are two sides of the same coin and of the same category, like that of the masses and the "refined minds".

    Nevertheless the emotional flattening of servile condescension and admiring exaltation or esecration don't belong to "sanity", then two moments of the same... neurosis if not psychosis or of the same perversion... But even if highs and lows of myth-making and intense sentimentalism only take place occasionally it is ALWAYS SADISM and can produce or permit disastrous consequences.

    Titles should not prevail over the content

    In fact not in a personal private form rather - then: worse unfortunatly - more often the most banal solutions are put forward by confused and ill-informed interviewers; appeals to generic "good feelings" (!!!) do not so much hush the deafening silence as instead unfold and give incentive to the repressed sadistic instinct: expressing itself through the lynch-mob – perhaps not always merely ideological. Choices of the facile and populist road, important reports made public in a slipshod and imprecise way etc. risk the nullifying of the otherwise serious and difficult process of documentation, of testing evidence: thus seriously damaging again and again the actual victim.
    There is no need to believe in (pseudo) heroes struggling against evil: on the contrary an interior lack of well-being, together with a sense of widespread injustice, makes the risk to increase and validate feelings of inferiority/dependence as a fixed reality. But it is in response to such feelings that grows the desire to seek for absolutes – in which to believe in - and guides on which to rely on. The absolutes are however unilateral and the trust in a guide becomes exclusive and excluding with the inevitable malevolence and discord. The - presumed – good citizens face each other on either side of opposing views instead of collaborating; and it is in this climate of confusion that the slave morality tends to prevail, with the taking up of hostile positions if not “appeals” to lynch the presumed guilty less difficult than to support and listen the real victims with precise witness and solidarity.
    This proposal should not undervalue and discard who wherever and at any age suffers for inexplicable "disorders". It is not necessary any accord to the banal parameters of a banal “culture of slavery”: just a real  experience – gradual over the years and of clinical concreteness – in the field of “reliving” previous childhood trauma, started other site and task built to offer an address to whom seek for a better - neither mainstream nor "counter information" - knowledge, but also for finding a place where confirm and validate and exchange "strange experiences". But this knowledge resulted in a wider and wider aspects facing with numerous other international testimonies: not only by to relive past childhood harms and undergone unusual abuses, but also by adults suddenly afflicted with suffering unexpected and absolutely not customary. Ascertained and verified on a planetary scale, now as in the past, the abuse of children revealed to be part of an infinite mass of differentiated abuse of every genre – mental abuse, physical (and sexual) and also economical and technological - carried out on human beings by other wicked human beings; a lot of odd evil actions maybe on return financed (?) by the “business” of films using minors with an unheard sexual as much as also not only sexual cruelty and violence.
    Resulting problems and responsibilities are therefore enormous: they require a secure connection and a solid and effective collaboration amongst those diverse realities, favoring everywhere and in whatever way the exchange of different experiences above all based on the impartial and un-programmed hearing of victims of every age, on the accurately selected credibility of each one: of each child now, but also of whoever - for however many years after - manifests through reliving the then “violated child”. Actual children, grown-up reliving their abused childhood, adults suffering for very "mysterious" harms become so allowed to heal from violation conserved within the interior, like a “cancer” which should have continued to impede the person from living a normal life: then so allowed to speak they can develop into faithful witness on regard of those experiences, no more at risk to be mistaken as mere "delusions". Unfortunately there is again and again a strong sense of CONTRO/ AGAINST "guilty" rather than a paying of attention to “victims”, “against” being an exaggeration - which takes in the naïve - of current events which are soon forgotten to be replaced by others. This phenomenon has almost forced to add a most recent file on the Association's site – unfortunately after the publication of the derived book. We wish to make reference to title Opinions or accusations? and draw attention to the URL, indicating clearly the methodology used - not hypothetic but concrete.
    Instead it is so far easy to appeal to impromptu, immediate “higher sentiments” in favor of single “victims” or to refer to single and contingent “monsters” in order to hit the headlines. In a cascade of worsening, caution and doubts are coursed for encouraging discord and disorganization amongst those who seek or believe to act in good faith. But this carries on more and more worse consequences: at first instigating and fostering paranoid fantasies in the victims themselves locks them in a vicious circle where the reliability as witness questioned becomes make faithless. But vicious circles don't stop: screaming “higher sentiments” and/or appeals against "monsters" allure to protagonism a lot of idle people victims of very scanty damages or willing to appear as heroic helper, if not a lot of fake victims when even of disguised perpetrators. To consider also that who wishes to join victims and their – also presumed and so-calling - defenders are often only exhibitionists seeking attention by calling public with clamorous appeals; but ever these clamorous campaigns, time after time demonizing single event and single nations, tend to forget them soon after and substituting with others. In fact working too often and too many in this field are those who propose and agitate along one single line of thought: taking up positions and “appeals” they are proud to incite the “lynching” of the presumed guilty, instead of giving solidarity and sustenance to the real victims: then victims real or fake or real or fake helpers and accusers considering from one aspect only the facts relevant to themselves, clash and thus unload their tensions in petty vindications.
    For example many “authoritative experts” consider in exclusivity only one restricted sector: in the combating of paedophilia, only one aspect of sexuality involving minors; other "defenders" who opposes the more generalized abuse of innocent citizens as “guinea pigs” don't recognize who tries to act against believed colluders of "bad medicine" or against “weapons of energy”. In sum up whoever wish to work in these important fields risks to finds himself branching off in a mass of separate groupings: in addition tending to confuse science, technology and the bad use of these with subjective conclusions passed off as absolutes. Individual groups acting more or less in good faith attack with disparaging campaigns the “competitors” and with appeals to the “cleansing of public conscience” promote – uselessly? – requests for signatures for eventual – and in their turn criminal – proposals for>laws promoting "to geld" etc. In place of a serious and patient search for the truth and real PROTECTION of the victims, damage on damage, cruelty on cruelty widen more and more the wild circle of wickedness.

    Opinions or worse: accusations? controversy?

    Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.
    The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.

    Here we wish to send out a message and a caution of vital importance... The main prevailing purpose of this work is to suggest a series of questions rather than their answers, and this carries its fundamental message of intent. Every attempt to discuss content, exchanging the factual dates presented with hypothetical “opinions” has to be refused in an incontestable way by giving examples of a listing of repeatedly checked and corrected data, from a caution which presupposes a lasting time of YEARS to wait till assertions can be justified. Therefore it is for the former that a large number of more or less serious – if not very serious – euphemistically termed harms, of which we can be or have been direct or indirect witnesses do not presented, neither in the book, nor in the site nor in the continuous updating of the latter. Every piece of data, always punctiliously collected and catalogued, waits for further confirmation, or is too fateful not to can be openly shared.
    We would eagerly keep a strict distance from counter information, alternative cultures and from pseudo-accusers, from groups which - through gross ignorance of High Politics, and/or worse through grosser ignorance of Highest Finance – build hypotheses, basically mythical “certainties” inherent with pseudo–sure reasons about the guilty “perpetrators” of their trouble.
    To simply ridicule as laughable narrow-minded's self-sufficiency is not a logical way to think or to do: mean persons often try "to promote" themselves taking a - selfish - advantage from personal mishaps, laying the blame on presumed "assured" knowledge of Affairs of State. Any way these pseudo-sure "knowledge" - the more if selfish, poor and constrained and fixed and unilateral - drags behind shared assumptions of great world plots, conspiracy theories set up by “perpetrators” who they consider not only generically hostile and malign but also a direct cause of their suffering. Not only do we keep our distance but we are above all in direct cause of their own private open opposition to anything which cannot be factually proved: in particular if this causes sect-like ideological groupings.

    Titles should prevail over the content? Should the not yet known be mislead with "Occult" as opposite of “cultured”? Should what is considered by mainstream culture as "odd" be mistaken with parapsychological knowing or Devilish mystery - "D" capital - or coming from UFOs?
    The above quoted Association, website and book, define themselves as actively “against mental abuse” as well as againdt “physical and technological”: it is worthy to take this opportunity to stigmatise the possibility of PROPAGANDA, or the diffusion, also involuntarily, of disinformation via a mental mechanism to superficialize knowledge of the ways in which titles and sentimental yells manage to prevail over descriptive content, in which occasional emotionalism over working learning.
    More generally, called to give evidence, we have to answer with a dry series of comments or better have to ask everyone and ourselves a series of questions - rhetorical because we already know the possible answers. For many years now strident, flag-waving repetitive and resonant copies of testimonials of suffering victims have circulated - even if at times denied – and the victims regroup in Associations and Discussion Forums: but over-numerous to be all faithful and too often litigious to be efficient. One asks what is the geo-political provenance of this cultural mass, willing to transmit alarms: does unfortunately be an hidden decoy deviating attention towards an unequivocal enemy a series of things rendered as unrecognisable collusions? In the hands of the wizards of communication - like the worst political machination of the whole series of “psuedo-certainties”, “pseudo-causalities” – stand fake certainties if not the absolute attribution of “guilt”. Screaming propaganda indicates Nations, populations, organisations etc. as the indiscutable sites of absolute evil: does one not instead ask why and how only this news circulates? Is there an underlying real reason or is it not more simply and logically because in some countries rather than others EXISTS still(?) a RELATIVE freedom of speech and of the press? CIA as the bogeyman for children, Belgium as a corrupt nation home to wicked paedophile murderers; Scandinavia as the place where one is tortured from birth? Does no-one ask if it is logical that the rest of the world is a kind of Paradise? Does one really ask what happens and has happened? Is it not that Americans, Scandinavians, Belgians have still (?) a certain freedom of speech and of the press? What do the direct witnesses say with documents, photos, surveys of place etc.? What is revealed?
    Some Authors (namely: the best seller writer David Icke), some books are "telling"- in fact "telling" as being "novels" - some excerpts of serious deeds, presented on a fair style (since indeed "novel-like"!) which mixes reality and fantasy in an apparent not-fiction, or worse: spreading on purpose some truth and some damaging data promoting a lot of fake-assured misinterpretations.
    By now it can be said to be globally diffuse the idea that Belgium is the principal home of paedophiles: when instead at least a part of these crimes are brought to trial, even if with a disastrous finale. A country where the charges are made - despite and only by chance - because the cellar of Dutroux was located in the area presided over by the fair and honest judge Connerotte and for the courage and constancy of the families of the kidnapped girls: whilst an almost negative effect was made by the huge Marche Blanche of 300,000 participants (from a pop. of only 10.239.000 inhabitants...) – see documents on the sites dedicated to Melissa Russo and Julie Lejeune.
    Gino et Carine Russo:
    Le procès n’est pas une finalité par Frédéric Loore - La Libre Belgique, 25 septembre 2002. Thus how can it be forgotten that instead it was the ONLY country in which this type of organised crime could have – even if very very badly – been tried in front of a normal court? (See the article by Marc REISINGER and the Forum where one can find this debate: Influence de l’affaire DUTROUX sur quelques carrières. (ou comment je suis devenu Républicain) - Cette progression a débuté en 1996 par le coup de tonnerre de l'affaire Dutroux. Pour la première fois, un événement qualifié de "fait divers" obtenait un retentissement mondial.)

    Chicken or eggs? Which is the first problem?
    Or better: has to be preminent the will to persecute the culprit instead to consider his victim? Or then: will the victims be harmed again and again?
    ...victims (lay people) have a tendency to forget about the patient (very often a victim) and to concentrate on the source of evil (whatever it is in our beliefs).
    Such irresponsible words express very clearly one of the utter difficulty to prevent damages and harms, to care and to promote a real justice: in sum up to can positively help real suffering people, to ascertain true ones from fake plaintive of worse from wolves in sheep’s clothin - and/or to positevely act in real behalf of whom is really needing help
    On the contrary, thoroughly prepared from decades, the purposes of book(s), site(s) and related researches at present can broadly share a deep awareness by actual present observations, but also coming from more or less easy or painful testimonies of past times and occurrences. Besides to consider that just from painful memories also arises a concrete possibility to open a new general understanding: a knowledge giving the possibility, beyond the real practicability to care and mend, also to protect, and even - if convenient - to officially denounce but surely only when well prepared by getting facts, matters, situations on an assured KNOWLEDGE. Any way this whole work has the task to document but else to learn by matching asks: both previous awareness and other people's assumption and doubts can open towards a serious and profitable exchange of sure, authenticated, scientifically worthly to be probed intelligence.

    Of course from "external world" some real damages occur: but to fight them "bare hands" is a verydisproportionate struggle, disproportionate even if not surely defeating. In fact the indispensable and ever lasting and ever prepared to WATCH has continually to protect for avoiding against unfortunately COMMON traps: not inconsistent but very serious since pushing to engage in inadequate conflicts not considering proportion between - real or presumed - forces and effects. In fact a source of even terrible risks does to mistake hoaxes with the real knowledge of REAL FACTS, as well to mislead inner body's occurrences and feelings switched towards believed dynamics coming from external world.
    Thus not only should stop to describe every not enough precise and specified data: on the contrary it is mandatory to avoid every inference regarding not well supported occurrences, every boasting battles against too much "high" High Powers as against a wide "common sense", against unknowable, hidden enemies as against the unawareness of lay-people. Such a fight can put forward with some hope to succeed merely if pointing out and warning against them in a way the most precise, seriously studied, accurate defined: yet AVOIDING bare words or pitiful moaning one can fight on an acceptable level. To recognize the reality of "human external world", its connections, oppositions, changeable alliances is difficult even for inside trained people: how awful consequences could bring about to misunderstand facts with "opinions" and "feelings", and the "master way" to confuse "friends" with "enemies" and vice versa! How much fallacious is the forthcoming when deceptive naivety or obtuseness assure to be aware of who are the culprits and their plans to act! How is deceitful to "cry wolf" without giving any "how", "when" and "where"!

    Opinions ??? or a listing of concrete facts? Opinions or plaints?

    Unfortunately we find ourselves at times reluctantly constrained not to ignore but to fight against empty objections and ... idle chatter of those who approach these pages believing them to be the fruit of mere “opinions”! How to warn – with trouble and also with apprehension – those who, faced with “abnormal situations” shoot haphazardly without preparation and with unprovable accusations. It is for this reason that we WILL publish only anomalies and memories which are truly clearly definable, and not any data and/or testimonial and/or shared story even if reliable in the long term. Any grouping exclusively focussed on fighting a “common enemy” is basically structured like a sect, meaning like a non-homogenous entity united exclusively to incorporate individuals and entities with very different situations united not through any sense of real cooperating community but by a blind hostility towards a homogenous enemy. United because they are against a common target: real or more or less hypothetical but however characterized to be beyond any effective opposition other than symbolic action.
    Of “vital” importance? Naivety falling into superstitious gullibility and so open to foster “sect-like” organizations? Or even "derelict" prsons ready to be involved in "Cult-like" groups?
    Sects or similar “cliques” offer support and consolation to frail people in search of a pseudo “happiness”, to sick people who aspires to the indifference of a confined “serenity”: not for nothing Delgado himself wrote a book entitled La Felicidad, rather than only express his ferocious principles in his research into a Psychocivilized Society. Or else they welcome and “console” the more desperate victims mourning over their fate. Real mishaps or real and documented suffering are so collectively and indiscriminately given at general attention: not as proper afflictions but as ACCUSATIONS against the hypothetical common perpetrators. From this step where can we arrive: see The first humanitarian war in history: Hitler and the Sudetenlanders. Hitler and Sudetenlanders? A postponed terrible World War? One more year as gift to advantage Nazism?

    (So built persecutory supporting groups have not to be confused with those focused instead on a very real
    COOPERATION, as happens for example in many associations of people ill from a particular pathology: their combined efforts being focused to better study their diseases  and therefore better help doctors themselves.)

    Situation of vital importance?

    When private individual "victims" complain for haphazard harms to be held and consoled,
    how harmful results such customary confusion! Little querulous people's private lamentation being maximized with the sure consequence of a minimization of the biggest collective happening and collective crimes: as slaughters, lagers, wars!
    Of vital importance? How damaging can similar heterogeneous groups become also towards their own members! How many lay themselves open to the sneaking in of the true persecutors: “wolves in sheep's clothing”, sects, cults, gangs, agents provocateurs, false victims, true - and just for this really sick and badly suffering - mads … In every case facing a
    real danger and certainly discrediting their purposes! To act without knowledge of causes and with crass sermonizing, in disdainful ignorance, to engage oneself against hypothetical and elusive “enemies” instead of alleviate and/or avoid the real suffering and damage?
    The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.
    Definitely any subject alluding to conspiracy, international plots, secret history and underground politics allures a morbid fascination for a lot of naive or aggressive or blatant people: but don't deserve men of zeal without understanding almost a clinical definition of paranoia? After all not only true delusional mads can endanger: every intimate psychic disorder is a good fostering ground of vulnerability enacting against the whole public wellbeing. Even mild Neurosis as a personal, intimate disorder affects private freedom and impairs individual concentration and attention: it gets as a sponge helping to absorb anguish and to prefer gullibility rather than wisdom. Neurosis itself is personal impairment but affecting a great deal of people becomes collective: and these lessened existences could become everywhere a fertile ground fitting to foster superstitions (tabooRAGE and CRAZE).
    So, often with inconsistent reason, whichever impromptu sharing a "neurotic concern" can become widespread; but also whoever tricky arrogant can enter in this so open pathway towards an indirect mind-control. Imposed as a new Totem, every bogus fear thus at first menaces proclaiming - hypothetic - forthcoming damages, and then offers pseudo-guarantees if the "mind-controlled" people follows so established hoaxes or even so accepted swindles.

    Then if it is compelling to remember on this current Web site - together with the English file/chapter TOTEM AND TABOO: awful and fertile rise of new SUPERSTTIONS - the whole file/chapter Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo; any way it should be equitable to end with a better, lighter and auspicious quotation:

    The child has a hundred language
    and a hundred, hundred, hundred more)                  
     but we steal ninety nine
     we tell the child
      that work and play
    reality and fantasy

    science and imagination
     sky and earth
      reason and dream are things
     that do not belong together
    No way. The hundred is there.

    Here it should be repeated that this site and the book do NOT be a fount of notices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning. But on the matter of fact people had to lament hindrances on looking through this site, and asked to be better orientated. To favour this need the site's map changed: as first sight one can begin from a simplified page opening wide the whole indexed files, both the Italian and the English and plurilingual ones, eventually before looking at the file
    prefacing the English pages, first chapter of the English book - From children of  YESTERDAY to adults of  TOMORROW the English pages of this site - as has already been made for the Italian ones on the Italian book from this site Bambini di ieri = adulti di oggi. Adulti di oggi -> adulti di domani
    All links and quotations are continually refreshed: so this Web site will always be maintained under speedy and diligently revised construction also with every suggestion will be appreciated and followed:
    Furthermore on the matter of fact people had to lament hindrances on looking through this site, and asked to be better orientated. To favor this need the site's map changed: as first sight one can begin from a simplified page opening wide the whole indexed files, both the Italian and the English and plurilingual ones, eventually before looking at the file prefacing the English pages, future first chapter of the English book. Any way the site is continually up-graded: to be carefully informed also on the past more significant ones it is suitable to go to the dedicated file Novelties on the site.
    Any way, after the file/chapter prefacing the English pages, the file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... should be considered another introduction to and beginning of the whole site: or better it sets up the essential meaning of the whole work - site and books - followed and consolidated by the files/chapters evidencing this Author's personal Introduction together with ... my guides... my roots..., showing preliminary excerpts of the whole message and the sources of the teaching references.

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    But there are to carefully consider many files of the here above quoted site where this method shows its real, direct application when regarding persons - or worse - CHILDREN: ESPERIMENTI SU BAMBINI/E., and its pdf, completed on /testim.htm, /warn-internat.htm, /guilt-free.htm .
    There it is shared also how also "things" have to speak "sincerely", loud and bright: NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE?ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES? TECHNOLOGIES AVANCEES? SPITZENTECHNOLOGIEN? and "real" existing people can share concrete data: Andrzej (Andrew) Suda's DOCUMENTATION / DOCUMENTAZIONE also with the gathered original illustrations; as well the as the Author of the files: LarsonReport.Edit.pdf and LarsonReport.htm.

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