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August 10 2016

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Children of YESTERDAY = Today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW

As the Italian pages of this site, also the English ones are printed in a COMMON BOOK:
From children of YESTERDAY to adults of TOMORROW

print in the BookSurge system and available for purchase on,,, and also on Kindle. For European readers it is possible to have a better printed and sewed edition on Cortinalibri.

Any way does be suggested to glance time by time at the Web site where in every file links and quotations are continually refreshed instead of what can happen for the "static" book.

After the dedicated file/chapter, factually prefacing the English pages, the file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... should be considered a keen introduction to and beginning of the whole site: or better it sets up the essential meaning of the whole work - personal researches, site and books. Any way this meaning can be furthermore proved on the files/chapters more in depth evidencing Author's personal Introduction, completed by ... my guides... my roots..., which more widely consolidates teaching references, and by Opinion, fact, complaint to reinforce the whole message explaining the applied method to face comments and controversies. But just after book published, further considerations suggested to better and more precisely complete these crucial files: so much amplified to occasion a latest - strengthen and more accurate - edition to support the previous one. The launching file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... needs notwithstanding to be followed by topics more in depth evidencing the Author's personal introductory data, also on their continual development: so by files/chapters renewed with improved notices and also with results of better settled discussions. As for Italian readers also for English understanding ones this site will be under continual construction: the best welcome help should arise from "your" data, making a continual running beyond. So - if we do NOT ask at all for sponsors - we are moreover longing for your comments, suggestion, even debates.


Proposal: FOURTH  DIMENSION time to develop / experience to ripe

Chapter 1: Illustrated Project

Chapter 2 Anamnesis? A way for healing

Part I: presentation

Chapter 3 ...From today's adults  to adults of Tomorrow...

 Chapter 4 Introduction
Chapter 5 ... my  Guides ... my roots...

Part 2: children and home life - the running times

Chapter 6 CHILDHOOD: Times of mutability

"guest pages" for children: good and bad


Chapter 8 How to spoil a child

Chapter 9 Etiology & Treatment if Childhood

Part 3: home and its inhabitants - spaces, forms and trans-formations

Chapter 10: DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work
Sub chapter Riding the father
Chapter 11: SUBLIMATIONS: visual schemes and scientific explanation

and the "guest" one:

Chapter 12 What is "Emotional Labour"?

Part 4: consciousness,TIME and memory, superstition and method - the times regained

Chapter 13: Consciousness and memory

Chapter 14 Opinion, fact, complaint

Part 5: "guest" chapters: opponents and victims

Chapter 15 TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: the awful and fertile rise of new SUPERSTITIONS

Chapter 16 Ritalin and ADHD: a spoonful of sugar...

Chapter 17 Delgado & Skinner
Sub chapter Psychocivilization and its discontents

Chapter 18 Flashbacks Chapter 19 Memory recovery and screen memories Chapter 20 Dissociation and cults

Part 6: links

runnerChapter 21 international links
Chapter 22 External links

PDF books - sorry only Italian.
Infanzia un mestiere difficilissimo
Copertina libro Infanzia
Consapevolezza e Memoria

PDF files

Further suggestion

As shared above this site and then also the derived book do NOT be a fount of notices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning, but never forget to look at the progressing Web site always maintained under speedy and diligently revised construction, also with readers' aid:
On the matter of fact people had to lament hindrances on looking through this site, and asked to be better orientated. To favour this need the site's map changed: as first sight one can begin from a simplified page opening wide the whole indexed files, both the Italian and the English and plurilingual ones, eventually before looking at this file prefacing the English pages, future first chapter of the English book. Any way the site is continually up-graded: to be carefully informed it is suitable to go to the dedicated file Novelties on the site.
ALL English files are very deeply revised for Printing on this new book, which endorses all the English pages of the site and also the English quotes of the bilingual ones: unfortunately, as happens for the Italian one, the printed material book, with its long times to technical composing, couldn't follow the speedy times to up-date a Web site, which has already moved farther from the staying "static" book. Then the newest book risk to become right away "obsolete" if not time by time compared with the site: for the time being TWO book chapters are lacking of basic data recently added to site: on the files My guides... my roots... and on International links BODY and its wisdom is presented as another authoritative Master to correct its previous omission. All this could furthermore afford also a prospect on Psychosomatic Medicine: so well to integrate by the parallel files/chapters: Consciousness and memory, Anamnesis? A way for healing... and more in-depth Sublimations: visual schemes and scientific explanation

To read a book - a real book on paper - is easier than reading long files on-line: the English pages of this site - as has already been done for the Italian ones - are PUBLISHED, PRINTED and SOLD on-line - as a NORMAL BOOK as is already the Italian book from this site
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