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August 9 2016

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From children of yesterday to adults of tomorrow

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instead of what can happen for a "static" book, but since to read a book - a real book on paper - is easier than reading long files on-line, the English pages of this site - as has already been done for the Italian book from this site Bambini di ieri = adulti di oggi. Adulti di oggi -> adulti di domani - are PUBLISHED, PRINTED and SOLD as a NORMAL BOOK, From children of  YESTERDAY to adults of  TOMORROW: print-ready in the BookSurge system and available for purchase on,,

For European readers we suggest also the Cortinalibri edition.


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My name is Anna Fubini - also Abbiate which is my married name .
I am a doctor and a member of the Psychotherapist Register of the Medical Association for the Province of Turin (Italy). My previous interests and researches regarded chemistry, histo-chemistry but ever since 1955 - even if only a medical student boarding pupil in Hospital (at first in General Medicine, then in Psychiatry) - I chose until then to the fore to begin to work on the EDGE between Medicine and Psychotherapy.
But not only merely so: But not merely so: my primary interest has always been NORMALITY, and not according to a static concept of "being", but according to the dynamic advance towards well-being, ripeness, development. Then, just side by side with medical and psychiatric knowledge, I had the luck to have my Hospital chief partaking similar interests: in concrete I could so learn the method of self-consciousness named Schultz's Autogene Training and I could also utilize this knowledge to graduate - in 1957 - with a degree thesis on Psycho-prophylaxis at childbirth ("Character evaluation by Rorschach test and graphology").

Any way speaking of DEVELOPMENT, I do not think it stops at the end of CHILDHOOD and I do not confine my interest to humankind: studying, indeed, animal ethology as well. Furthermore, I explored the very Eastern original roots of SCHULTZ’S AUTOGENE TRAINING its very Eastern original roots: the "spontaneous" awaking of YOGA KUNDALINI. I study and train Tai Ki Kun - the more ancient original Sam Fung - discipline with a Chinese teacher, besides practicing Feldenkrais and Pilates Methods to complete a solid mind-body awareness and ripeness: also for more complete foundations as M.D. and for psychological work. I read many books about this: from classic Hata Pradipika, to Gopi Krishna's book "The evolution of man", and to a very important Western ancient book: R.Bucke "Cosmic consciousness".

My work to graduate regarded good "birth", a good training to birth addressed to mothers. Moreover "birth" points up to "babies" but every aspect of NORMAL LIFE (i.e; physiologic: physic and psychological = psychosomatic) establishes another facet of the edge together with health care and psychiatrics. To study normal children developmental phases became a very straightforwardly improvement for my therapeutic practice, and on reverse the patients care gives back in progress a better and completing understanding on normal phases and their outcomes. Going back to "children life", I wrote many scripts on development also as columnist of magazines regarding "Children education" - as for example the one of Montessori Organization - but after I reorganized my writings on Congress Relations and books. Till 1996 I connected myself in Internet just to put my experiences and writings - old and recent ones - at the disposal of everyone interested in it with the aim to receive someone else's experiences and writings but especially to receive arguments to can think about, to discuss and so amplify and correct together our knowledge. The above quotes describe my personal pathway, but here I prefer to explain more widely not "myself" as personal Author since "my" ideas and knowledge: the rearing of babies is a turning point in the running flow of generations, preparing the future "being" of adulthood, and at the same time developing the composite world of the grown-ups' works.
Copying from the presentation of my books here below I summarize some excerpt of my way to think instead of my own life deeds and happenings. I like to partake my know-how from studies and EXPERIENCES; writings and searches on normal life which also can help the pathway to heal patients; or rather - connecting beginnings and ends - I dare to be proud to share how this bond can lead to a real whole health, to a very end of a mental illness. Thus at present after and after many years of practice as professional M.D. - "and" not "or" - psychoanalist I am sure that the END of a lucky psychotherapy comes when the patient becomes the NORMAL person he/she should have been, if HIS/HER normal developmental phases could have been regularly completed. Summarizing in fact if the "TO BE" pertains to Ontological PHILOSOPHY, TO RIPE outlines the importance of TIME as FOURTH DIMENSION of living BEINGS.
To get again back to the actual "merry - or less merry - go round" of generations and to normality of also grown-ups existence, the other hand of children's life and development is strictly linked with family and house-works; besides domestic chores have in turn a developmental meaning being at the basics of every other "work": so I also shared my knowledge on this field writing on ergonomics and psychology of HOUSEWORK.

Domestic chores? Adults work? Motherhood and parenthood?
Unfortunately not every grown-up is ready to follow this rule: at first since that growing, developing children are mighty marks of "running" times and then disconcerting "advices" of slipping away generations: then what should do a grown-up if immature, unformed or badly shaped? Tangled memory, faulty early ages result in further abandonment feeling: with such refusal of total reality of origins every - own past and actual others' - childhood should be disparaged if not rejected. What should people do when an unbearable pain condemns to worship a fake reassuring security, a self-centered security stiffened on a present that one would like to pass slowly in order to let savor the pleasure of living? On the aim not to feel such "terrible" emptiness and despair, why does not be preferable to hinder these "tokens of running times" if not really hate them?
Forward and backward? How can get a person grew from a denied childhood? Is it so strange at least to block them, wishing to portray and shelter static, everlasting babies? Is it so strange that if all grown-ups were once children -- although few of them remember it?
"Normal" does the contrary of "damaged": a Medical Council titled "violence against child" gave me space and ideas to write a book on which to underline this "normality" as contrary of violence: how to take children's evolution in earnest, how do not damage children development and how help them to follow their fundamental expansion in respect of their natural and personal established times and ways. Therefore my main proposal become how to notice and get effectually known how to carry-out these "table-times" to develop and to ripe. But moving around on the "going round" of times and ages, and on the "going back" - and flash-backs - of patients' past difficult happenings and feelings, I felt indispensable and very powerful to privilege memory: this splendid possibility to hold on themselves the "running away" of passing times and feelings and get that acknowledgment could thrive into "experience". Nevertheless health and normal life are easy, agreeable, smooth subjects; on the contrary to care diseases, mental diseases is harsh, slow, engaging: but if good rising and rearing proceed by themselves, to rebuild sanity requires a lot of "emotional labor" helped by powerful "tools": just as the main function of Memory. Memory can hold and substantiate the personal healthy "fourth dimension", but on pathology and traumas is the main tool and supply for a real psychological healing.
But against memory a powerful, flattering enemies arise: at first the personal regrets and a search of a present security or rather an established stability and also - last but not least - the distress flowing from recalled past negative occurrences. More or less agreeable or painful, at disposal for every one there are ways to recover infancy's sense and developmental way to wellness: for example partaking the actual children life aids to discover and recover our own defective infancy. On the contrary to unwelcoming grown-ups childhood itself endorses menacing messages: unaccepted feelings regarding the loss of own regular growing as well the worrying about the so quick running away of childhood times seems to spur the fear of incoming old age. And so it is fitting to disentangle some mixed-up arguments to discuss and to explain on writings. Memory does not only be a basic function to recall data, to get them at consciousness, or simply to get able to bring something to mind...: there are a lot of mixed-up cross-purposes which so often transforms every talk on this subject into a lot of ever more faulty - if not damaging - quid pro quo. In fact it is to be considered that common place people too often mystifies appearance, "broadcast", advertisement, superficial brightness with the whole REALITY itself. Then it is seriously misleading to confuse the normal memory of short time, middle time and long time from the possibility to manage - painful - memories and then step by step also to transform them into - even resilient - experiences. But, very worse, common place people - also badly taught by bad "teachers"- doesn't acknowledge that what is as a rule considered the function of corresponds only and poorly to open conscious or at least at disposal pre-conscious, when instead also unconscious great secret sorrows can be held strictly into which "forbidden" contents shouldn't be compared with "normal" memory or "normal" oversights or "normal" forgetfulness.
I am writing a so long preamble on "memory" to more incisively present another side of my writer task: all scripts, compilations, even also published correspondence regard and enlighten the antithesis of normality: the worse occurrences, the worse wickedness, their consequences and the possibility to their overcome, at least through their past recovering memories. To understand the whole matter, it is unavoidable to avail and better know a basic particular condition of "remembering" which does not share usual "told" verbal MEMORIES whilst real impromptu FLASH-BACKS coming up not from brain but from the wholeness of the body itself: and this without any regular "time table" through - involuntary, often unexpected - bodily feelings on a mosaic of visions and daydreams and sub-conscious memories. To RE-LIVE is very different from to "consciously witness": such sudden "body re-lived feelings", if not body once more relived damages open the leading way to recover the truth and the possibility of care harms of past happenings; any way with their main peculiarity to suddenly surge at random not complying subjective willing, not following a chronological, regular time-table - often at intermittent delays of even some years among previous and next ones instead going up into a strict emotional channel absolutely very far from a descriptive "told" chronological testimony. Any way the spontaneity of flash-backs can be helped by a fact which can share such instead too off-hands witnessing: to note that for some victims it is often easier to write than to speak, and so to publish them just when handed on timely at first hand.
I begin by a short synopsis of the main meaning of the presented book
From children of YESTERDAY to adults of TOMORROW.


The concept of BEING rightfully belongs to PHILOSOPHY, like the other fundamental and wider principle: the essence of TIME, of changes, of evolutions, in short of the FOURTH DIMENSION of everything, and even more of the living beings.
Hence every fact and subjectively every moment of life move into MEMORY and its -  conscious – materialising into continuous and renewed EXPERIENCE.

Albert Einstein and the fourth dimension. An anecdote which perhaps has never actually happened, but which is anyway very instructive. An old geometric riddle, presented as an anecdote in Maria Toffetti’s book, easily explains the concept of fourth dimension, too often not accepted or confined to irrational vagueness, a concept which would instead seem obvious both on a general level and, even more so, on the level of the living beings’ existence.
Albert Einstein, too, dealt with tetrahedrons: at a congress, having been criticised for his unexpected concept of a space-time in four dimensions, he asked his colleagues to build four equilateral triangles with six tooth pickers. Nobody in the room managed to place on a plane the tooth pickers to form the required triangles, which is, as a matter of fact, impossible. So Einstein built a tetrahedron with the six sticks and commented: “If you can’t use the third dimension, with which you make experiments every day, how can you hope to understand the fourth?”

Childhood does not exist. What does exist is development, and the development is redeeming change?

hippocrates oath


Children? The NOVELTY advancing.
El sueño de la razon produce monstruos....??? 
  Does the sleep of reason generate monsters?
  Only in the silence of monsters can
the evolution of children and adults
become real.

novelty advancing

1) The "TO BE" pertains to Ontological PHILOSOPHY on which TO RIPE outlines the importance of TIME as FOURTH DIMENSION of living BEINGS.
2) This site and the book do NOT be then only a sociological text, neither - worse - a simple practical work endorsing private description and/or suggestion relevant to home management.
3) The main meaning of these whole studies explains and - moreover - avails the concept of CHILDHOOD as first BASIC step regarding the real TO BE of the deepest human nature.
4) This book presents and completes the earlier Italian ones: CHILDHOOD: mutability's times and Domestic chores. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work: the first considers and validates the children's point of view, the second depicts the home-life as a "real" form of work and explains that to rear babies is a tourning point on the running flow of generations, so preparing as well the future "being" of adulthood together with developing the composite world of works
5) However such composite circularly connected structures can be consolidated jointly by another vital, ring shaped necessary functions: CONSCIOUSNESS AND MEMORY. In fact if the TO BE definitely pertains to PHILOSOPHY, its TO EVOLVE, to learn and TO REMEMBER outline as well a complementary key concept: the importance of TIME, as FOURTH DIMENSION.
6) To validate mutable times, changes, and possible evolution as core of life itself, MEMORY not only can hold present and past related together, but also can shelter their conscious embodiment to ripen for becoming EXPERIENCE.
7) Home-life, families, works and also people himself comprehend many protagonists, many situations and many past, present and future aspects: not only childhood and motherhood, not only development and rearing, but also not only bodies and manual toils as much emotions, and enlarging - sublimated - endeavors.
8) As are MEMORY and FAMILY-LIFE themselves, the whole of this circuitous matter does not be defined in a regular series of consequent chapters: only if considered on circular orbits it can gather so different and variant subjects.
9) Therefore all presented - different but complementary - subjects form a discontinuous philosophical ENCYCLOPEDIA suitable to be CONSULTED time by time.
10) To handle an Encyclopedia does not ever be so easy and moreover the content of every - fourth dimensional - subject does go on and forth on - excuse me for the pun!
Then some chapters linked together by their close meaning and substantially up-dated are about to be PRINTED again as a set of more or less portable - sorry: for the time being only Italian - booklets.
11) To add and to conclude: the meaning of the arrow on the title suggests three messages: support, direction but also "against".
12) In fact not always to describe children' life hints towards agreeable matters: in fact ogres exist and not only as fairy tales characters. So it is compelling to think not only about "support" and "direction" of the arrow, but also to recognize - and fight - the "against" bad side.

Looking ahead: to light up autumn smog, to unveil what seems concealed, to disclose unconcern for getting across awareness  
looking ahead on 1955 autumn smog

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Childhood? Does "childhood" exist as a static very reality?
On the contrary a dynamic and regular development - antithetical of embroil - performs its basics, to lead forward every one toward redeeming changes.
Children? The NOVELTY advancing.
It is the sleep of reason to generate monsters: only in the silence of monsters can
the evolution of children and adults
become real.



"Normal" at least does be only the contrary of "damaged"?
table 43 of Caprichos by Goya:

Sleeping reason breeds monsters...

43. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos. En la parte anterior de una mesa situada a la izquierda del grabado se lee el titulo del capricho.
A. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos y unida con ella es madre de las artes.
P. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos imposibles; unida con ella es madre de las artes y origen de las maravillas.
BN. Portada para esta obra: cuando los hombres no oyen el grito de la razón, todo se vuelven visiones.

Fantasy DISOWNED by reason breeds impossible monsters? When instead together they foster Arts and source of their portents!

Coming from this site my books - five already published in Italian and one in English - describe childhood and developmental phases with the general purpose to signify the FOUNDATIONS of human nature, moreover on the field of CONSCIOUSNESS of TIME: portrayed not only by concepts regarding personal development - with a glance on generational ensue - as much, utterly, by significant issues on MEMORY and consciousness.
As the last Italian book the English one does not correspond totally to the English pages of the site.
To have an overview of its content, purposes and index look into the already made book index file.

bambini e gattinibambine e cagnoliniChildren? The NOVELTY advancing...
Childhood does not exist. What does exist is development, and the development is redeeming change.


back cover of From children of yesterday to adults of tomorrow

Index and opening (English):

Part 1: presentation 

...From today's adults to adults of Tomorrow...

... my  Guides ... my roots...

Opinion, fact, complaint

Part 2: children and home life: the running times

CHILDHOOD: Times of mutability

Etiology & Treatment if Childhood

Riding the father

How to spoil a child


Part 3: home and its inhabitants - spaces, forms and trans-formations

DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work

Chapter 11: SUBLIMATIONS: visual schemes and scientific explanation

What is 'Emotional Labour'?

Part 4: consciousness,TIME and memory, superstition and method - the times regained


Anamnesis? A way for healing

TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: the awful and fertile rise of new superstition

Part 5: "guest" chapters: opponents and victims

Ritalin and ADHD: a spoonful of sugar...

Delgado & Skinner

Psychocivilization and its discontents


Memory recovery and screen memories

 Dissociation and cults

non nel libro / not on the book


Part 6: links

runnerinternational links

and with the - sorry only Italian - PDF

Consapevolezza e memoria
Quando la cartella clinica è terapeutica... Dare ai ricordi una specie di seconda vita?
Medicina: scienza applicata e multidisciplinare: Emozioni, istinti, ricordi, contraddizioni
Danza-del-tempo. Giornata.pps
Danza lenta
Presentazione professionale
STUPRI DI GUERRA: I figli dell'odio


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